10 Things I’m Thankful For

10 Things I’m Thankful For

I know this post is a day late and probably a dollar short (ok, a few days late), but I wanted to be sure I posted this.

Thanksgiving is an excellent opportunity to reflect on all the things we are thankful for, but we can and should do that throughout the year, too. Gratitude is powerful; you can lift your mood in the moment and even change your long-term perspective, as well as positively affect those around you.

Here are 10 of the things I am most Thankful for this year!


1. Family

This one might be obvious, but I can’t just skip it. My family is always there for me, no matter what. They help me grow, challenge me, and cherish me. I love that I am involved in their lives, and I can wait to see what this next year holds for each of them!

2. My Job

I am uniquely blessed with my job. I work for a small company that has a great mission, challenges the industry norms, and takes fantastic care of their employees. I am close personal friends with many of my coworkers. My team is supportive and energetic. I have learned SO much while working there.

3. My Kitties

Ok, this is maybe sappy, but seriously guys, my kitties are SO CUTE. They bring a lot of joy and peace to my little boat home. When I’m working at home or home alone, they love to cuddle up to me while I work.

Ella, the Boat Kitty, sunning herself on a warm summer day #thankful #cat #boatkitty

Ella, the Boat Kitty, sunning herself on a warm summer day #thankful #cat #boatkitty
Ella, Boat Kitty, sunning herself

4. Opportunity

We frequently overlook this in our lives. This year, I repeatedly felt awe at the boundless opportunities in front of me. There are opportunities to grow personally, to expand my professional sphere, to change our living situation, and to try so many, many new things.

5. The Blogging Community

Seriously, you guys are the best. I had no idea how warm and inviting the blogging community at large was until I got plugged in on Facebook and Twitter. And talk about helpful! I have learned SO much from fellow bloggers answering my questions and sharing their experiences.

10 Things I Am Thankful For This Year - What are you thankful for? #thankful #blessed #family #friends #opportunity #gratitude

6. Transportation

This one may seem kind of silly, but transportation dictates a lot of my life. My husband and I work together, so we carpool, but frequently we need to go opposite directions and need more than one vehicle. Thankfully this year we were able to purchase a 2nd used car (check out the Fiat 500e!). We also moved to an island near Seattle that is only accessible by ferry, so having both a drive-on and walk-on ferry option has been critical and immensely helpful. As we look at where we may live in the future, transportation to the office is vital, and we are blessed to have several options.


“That’s a weird thing to add to your oh-so-serious THANKFULNESS post, Andrea!”

Maybe, maybe not! Why did I include a weight-loss program to my list?

Because it is the BIGGEST reason I am down 30 pounds (for the first time in 3 years) as I write this! Noom is a fantastic program, geared toward helping you make lasting lifestyle changes and good habits. It is educational, supportive, and provides much-needed accountability. And it’s remarkably affordable!

If you are interested, I encourage you to check them out here. And no, I don’t get paid anything if you sign up; I just really believe and trust in the program and want other people to see the success I’ve seen (you can read more about that here)

8. Friends

WHERE would I be without all of you?! Lost, that’s where.

My friends are my biggest support group, right up there with family. They are there when I am struggling, celebrate all my wins with me, and challenge me when I’m wrong (or need to be brought down a few notches). Friends indeed can be family; mine certainly are.

9. A Place To Call Home

Granted, my home is small and often on the chilly side, but I have a roof over my head that I know isn’t going anywhere.

Living and working in the Seattle area, I see a LOT of homelessness, and I know many others are only one paycheck away from becoming homeless themselves. It is a sobering reminder that I am so fortunate to have my little boat home. We should never take security, shelter, and food should for granted.

A marina near Seattle with several liveaboards who call it home. #sailing #boats #lieveaboard #sunrise
My Home

10. My Hubby

You didn’t think I would actually skip him, did you?

My husband means the absolute world to me. I have never met a more gentle, humble, and kind man. He supports me unquestioningly, encourages me when I doubt myself and provides advice whenever I ask for it. He’s a sounding board for my complaints when I need to vent as well as my constant babbling when I’m in a good mood. He’ll take my ideas and run with them with just as much enthusiasm as I have.

On top of that, he pursues his own growth with single-minded determination and will make substantial investments to ensure he is always learning and honing his skills. He is the most significant contributor to my personal growth, and I am eternally grateful I am married to him.

Also, he’s sexy af.


Thankfulness and Gratitude are practices that I aim to improve in the coming year, and this post is my start towards that goal! What about you guys; what are you thankful for this year? Tell me in the comments below!


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100 thoughts on “10 Things I’m Thankful For

  1. I think the timing of your post is perfect, Andrea! As the long weekend ends and we go back to our stress-filled lives, its a great reminder to continue our thankfulness every day. As you indicated, scientific studies are conclusive that gratitude improves people’s lives in a multitude of ways.
    I have learned over the past handful of years that even in negative situations there is always something you can find that is positive and beneficial in some way, albeit sometimes not immediately!
    In my gratitude review the first and foremost thing for which I am eternally thankful is that God made a way for me to be with him forever, through his son Jesus Christ who is my savior. That hope of eternity and God’s daily presence in my life sustains me during the inevitable trying times in my life.
    I’m with you, Andrea – family is the other thing for which I am exceptionally grateful. They are my reason for most everything I do. My family provides joy and love that fulfills and encourages me – they are more precious to me than they can ever realize or understand.
    I am also thankful for you, Andrea, and the way you provide opportunities for us to be more introspective in our busy lives and give us encouragement! I look forward to further thoughts from you.

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