Sometimes, The Scale Lies

Sometimes, The Scale Lies

Sometimes, The Scale Lies - When the number on the scale doesn't move, or suddenly shoots up, here are other ways to see your progress and stay motivated!

Sometimes, the number on the scale tells you one thing, and your body tells you another.

Damn it. I was dropping weight all week, and the scale just shot up two pounds. I can feel the discouragement rise like a big, ugly tide. I know that in a few days the number on the scale will drop again, and I’ll continue the downward trend, but right now, it sucks.

It doesn’t feel right, though. That number – it feels wrong. I know that I’m making continued progress, but the scale is telling me otherwise. The scale is lying.

Here are some other ways to see your progress when the scale spikes back up:

Increased Energy

The scale may be up, but so is your energy level! You feel refreshed when you wake up in the morning, pumped to get to the gym each day, and you have more energy throughout the day to tackle your tasks and errands. This is such an improvement over when you started, and reminding yourself of that can be so encouraging!

Your Clothes Fit Differently

Sometimes, The Scale Lies - When the number on the scale doesn't move, or suddenly shoots up, here are other ways to see your progress and stay motivated!

You didn’t need that belt two weeks ago, but now your pants threaten to slide down your hips if you don’t wear it. And that shirt you really like isn’t tight in the arms anymore; when did that happen? Slowly but surely, your clothes are starting to fit differently. Some are no longer tight, some hang on you more loosely, and some you have to give away because they are actually TOO BIG. It’s almost shopping time, and THAT is worth celebrating!

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You Can See Your Body Changing

If you haven’t taken a Before picture, do it now. Seriously, there is almost nothing as satisfying as comparing before/during/after pics side by side. You’ll notice the big things (my waist is definitely smaller) and all the little things (my collarbones are starting to show, my face is slimming up, I see definition in my legs, and my ankles look less puffy).

Sometimes it’s those little things that keep me going; all I need is a visual reminder that I AM CHANGING, slowly but surely, even if I don’t see it on the scale.

Your Healthy Choices Are Now Habits

Sometimes, The Scale Lies - When the number on the scale doesn't move, or suddenly shoots up, here are other ways to see your progress and stay motivated!

Whaaaaat?? I never thought that I would decline dessert without even actually thinking about it, or that I would reach for my water bottle instead of chips when I get the afternoon munchies!

But, nevertheless, I AM. Consistently! Whatever choices you started making daily to support your health journey, those things are starting to become second nature, and you only rarely have to fight your old self.

For instance, I now log every single bit to eat without thinking about it, and I’m making lunch choices while considering what I want for dinner and how much of my calorie budget that will take. That used to be a pain in the rear end, but now it comes naturally with no energy spent. Magic!

Other People Notice

“Have you lost weight?”

“Wow, you look really good!”

“Are you doing something different?”

“I am so proud of you.”

Ahhhh, the sweet, sweet sound of your hard work being recognized. That doesn’t stop when the scale stalls or takes a joyride up a few pounds. The people around you notice the effort you put in to improve your health, and they see the physical manifestations of that, too.

So soak it up! You deserve to hear those compliments, and don’t you dare tell yourself differently.

Keep On Keeping On

So there you go, no reason to get discouraged! Your body, energy levels, and habits are changing, even if the scale doesn’t say so! If you keep doing what you’re doing, making healthy choices, and keep moving, you WILL see that scale go down again.

Sometimes, The Scale Lies - When the number on the scale doesn't move, or suddenly shoots up, here are other ways to see your progress and stay motivated!

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163 thoughts on “Sometimes, The Scale Lies

  1. Just so you know ~ weeks before I even knew you were on this journey, I saw a picture of you and could tell. Your effort shows both inside and out and I am beyond proud of you!!!❤️

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