My Goals For The Last 90 Days Of 2018

My Goals For The Last 90 Days Of 2018

My Goals for the Last 90 Days of 2018! Goal setting can help you focus on the most important things you want to accomplish or do in a timeframe, and helps with anxiety, too! #goals #goalsetting #2018 #2019 #planner #planahead #organized

We are rapidly winding down the year; less than 90 days left! I don’t know about all of you, but this year has absolutely flown by. I can’t help but feel like the rest of the year is slipping by just as quickly, and it’s hard not to feel frantic about the time left!

One way to stave off the end-of-year anxiety is to make a list of goals to accomplish in the few remaining months, and then focus on those things! Here is my list; let me know what’s on yours!


Build A Blogging Schedule

As I’m sure those of you who have followed along the last while have noticed, I’m not currently the most consistent poster. I want to change that! My goal is to build a reasonable and attainable blogging schedule to ensure I’m publishing content regularly. I want this puppy to GROW, and I want to be disciplined about it!

Find A Planner For 2019

I am NOT the most organized person (yeah, that’s why I need a blogging schedule). In order to continue to grow at the rate that I want to in 2019, I need to kick my butt in gear and set up some organizational tools for myself. I’m going to search out a planner that will fit my needs and my style (if I can figure out my “style”!) to help me kick-start 2019 like a boss! (Let me know if you have suggestions….)

My Goals for the Last 90 Days of 2018! Goal setting can help you focus on the most important things you want to accomplish or do in a timeframe, and helps with anxiety, too! #goals #goalsetting #2018 #2019 #planner #planahead #organized

Set A Daily Schedule/Routine

Huh, all of these seem to be centered around organization….. INTERESTING.

I recently read about a method of time management and organization called Time Blocking. Basically, you take your To-Do list or Priorities and literally schedule time for each and every task. I don’t know that I want to be that extreme, but I do want actually map out my typical day to ease my anxiety and stress a bit and to ensure I’m getting everything done. I’ll let ya’ll know how THAT goes!

Set A Budget

Confession – My husband and I are REALLY bad about budgeting. I mean, our finances don’t run wild and we are doing fine, but we have yet to even create a budget, together or separately. Now that we are saving for a house, that has to change (at least for my sanity’s sake!). It will be interesting to see the detailed breakdown of where our money is going now, find how we can better prioritize, and come up with lifestyle changes. This will also give us a much better idea of how quickly we can save up for a down payment on a house!

What do you think, once or twice a month Budget Date?

Go Dancing

Yup, you read that right. I need to hit the dance floor before the year is over! I’ve been DYING to go salsa or swing dancing all year, and I just haven’t made the time. Not only is it a great activity for spending time with my hubby and our friends, but it’s a fantastic workout, too! What’s not too love about shakin’ my booty and shedding the weight at the same time?!

My Goals for the Last 90 Days of 2018! Goal setting can help you focus on the most important things you want to accomplish or do in a timeframe, and helps with anxiety, too! #goals #goalsetting #2018 #2019 #planner #planahead #organized

Reconnect With Friends

I am surrounded by amazing people who support me and love me no matter what. That being said, the last year+ I have NOT been great at reciprocating that support. A crazy busy schedule and a deep-dive into anxiety made it difficult for me to even respond to messages, much less make time for my friends.

2019 will be different (look for my 2019 goals post soon), but I want to jump start the new year by reconnecting with at least two friends that I’ve been neglecting for a while. These people speak truth and love into my life, and I truly miss the closeness we had. I challenge you to look at your circle of friends and family and find someone to reconnect with before the year is over!

Hit My Weight Goal

At least, that WAS my goal a few months ago. Stepping back and taking a closer look at my health journey has changed my mind slightly.

While I still feel that hitting my goal weight before the year ends is technically possible, I’m no longer certain that doing so is the healthiest option. You see, my “goal weight” is just a number right now. It’s a far off finish line that I’m fixated on and moving mountains to get to. However, this number might not actually be the healthiest weight for me.

So, my new goal is to be within 10 pounds of my current goal weight, and then reassess at that time to determine if it is truly the best goal, or if I need to adjust based on what is healthiest for me.

Set My Goals For 2019

I’m going to start the year off with purpose and determination! I always want to better myself and try new things, but can you imagine how much more of that I can accomplish with set goals? Not only that, but goals, once written down, help keep you on track and accountable. Sharing those goals will increase the accountability! So watch out, you all get to hold me accountable not only for my end of year goals I shared here, but my 2019 goals as well! Keep an eye out for that post in the next several weeks.


So, I laid out all my goals and invited you to hold me accountable. Now it’s your turn! What do you want to accomplish before the year is over? Whether it’s work, health, relationship, or personal growth related, I want to hear it!

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785 thoughts on “My Goals For The Last 90 Days Of 2018

  1. I greatly admire your ability to make changes in your life! For most of us change is really hard because it usually takes us to places we have not been or we avoid out of fear of failure. It takes energy and intentionality. keep at it!

  2. Really great goals. I am trying out the time blocking right now. I am giving myself 1 hour to read others blogs, then 1 hour to work on my site, then maybe 1 hour on photography!! it seems to work pretty good because realistically I could spend hours on each, but I just wear myself out.

  3. Sorry if this is a double comment but not sure if my previous one went through! I am working on time blocking right at this moment. Gave myself 1 hour to read others blogs, 1 hour to work on our site, then 1 hour of photography! It seems to work well because realistically I could spend hours on them all! Just the other night I spent 2 hours on the phone with a friend fixing our site. Still has lots of work though

    1. Hi Lisa, That sounds like it’s going really well for you! I’m excited to try it out; I know I can just spin my wheels for hours if I’m not careful!

  4. Your goals are well-thought out and cover several aspects of your life. It’s great that you’re so aware and intentional about what you’d like to be different. I usually just have fleeting thoughts like “I wish I could….” and I never spend the time to explore that idea, let alone determine a plan to reach it. I really like your goal to reconnect with special friends …. and dancing!! Fantastic!! Make it happen, girl! Please tell us how we can encourage you In these areas. What seems to help sometimes is to set a future deadline and then work backwards to set milestones so you’re moving forward consistently. My goal in the next two months is to make progress in business and finances, while being more supportive of my family. Thanks for sharing Andrea!

    1. Thank you! I usually just have fleeting “I wish I could” thoughts too, so that’s one of the things I’m working to change. If we aren’t intentional about our personal development and well-being, how can we truly grow? I’d love to hear more about your goals in detail. Thank YOU for sharing!

  5. These are some great goals! I can’t believe how quickly the year has gone, it’s just flew by. My goals are to find a job that I’m happy with – currently just in-between jobs at the moment, change my blog layout a little, and similar to you but to get a bit more organised with blog, make sure I don’t end up spending hours and hours doing blog stuff and letting other stuff get over the top of me! (although I can’t help it as I just love blogging).

    Chloe xx

  6. Great set of goals 🙂 Although I’d like to challenge your focus on the organisation and being consistent as well as reconnecting with friends. Surely being on a tight work schedule would make it even harder to reconnect with your loved ones? I could be wrong. Either way, it’s good that you are thinking forward!
    Laura /

    1. Thanks Laura! Part of my goal is to find a better balance rather than trying to cram everything in. We shall see how it goes! 😆

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