A Word About Blogs

A Word About Blogs

I honestly don’t read blogs very often.

I mean, I read them…..but not regularly. When I do, it’s generally because I spent the last hour of my life looking up some random topic on Pinterest, went down an even more random rabbit trail, and ended up on someone’s blog about crafting, mental health, parenting, or making money writing blogs.

And that’s PERFECT!

I like a little bit of everything. Give me something to learn, something to try, something to expand my knowledge and experiences, and I’m happy! I just want to constantly grow, hopefully along with others. Which is why, as you’ve probably guessed by now, I’ve decided to start my own blog.

I have too many crazy thoughts running around in my head NOT to let them out. I mean, I have to subject someone besides my husband to my rants, raves, and hair-brained ideas!

I used to think blogs were only for people who were expert writers, stayed home all the time, and were at least pseudo-experts in the topic they wrote about. Now I know that blogs are for anyone – ANYONE – who wants a creative outlet for the thoughts running around in their heads.

You got it – that’s what my blog is going to be! Does that mean it’s going to be a WIDELY SUCCESSFUL blog?


I mean, I hope it will be! But that’s not why I’m here. This lovely little site is for me to write about whatever pops in to my mind, whether its fun, whimsical, practical, or serious. I just hope that someone besides me gains some benefit.

So please, by all means, join me on what is sure to be a messy, eclectic, FUN adventure!

~ Andrea
First Mate Wifey

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232 thoughts on “A Word About Blogs

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